Mark O'Brien


Mark O’Brien is the CEO of Newfangled, a digital marketing consultancy that provides firms with the strategy, technology and habits they need to take control of their future by owning their marketing. Newfangled works with firms across North America to help them make the most of their website, content strategy and email efforts in order to build trust-based relationships with their top prospects in their target markets.

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Twitter: @NewfangledMark


Look...Either Market or Don't, I Don't Care

2:45-4:00 PM, BALLROOM B

The biggest challenge facing digital firms is the ubiquitous squeeze of commoditization. Too many firms are finding themselves competing on price and speed, and that's a one-way ticket to business hell. There are some firms, though, that clearly have risen above this downward spiral. Those firms aren't hired because they're the cheapest, fastest or geographically closest option. They're hired because they are the experts.

The bridge between business hell and your ideal reality is marketing. We're not talking about promotional content about your firm's latest award, client launch or office party. We're talking about real marketing, which is solely based on the deep expertise you have cultivated as a firm over years of helping a specific group of people solve a specific set of problems. This expertise is hard earned and won, never bought, and when a client sees it, it is unmistakable.

Join Mark as he walks us through exactly how you can take control of the future of your firm by becoming the expert you're meant to be.