Joe Rinaldi


Joe Rinaldi is a people connector, community builder and sales strategist passionate about connecting audiences to exciting ideas. In his business development consulting, That Was Clutch, he helps his partners unlock the intentionality, sincerity and sustainability they need to power their business development practices, and augment their pipelines. It's easy to sell if you love what you sell.

Formerly, Joe served as business development lead and President at Happy Cog, Founder of PhilaMade, and as a cadet in Commander Mark's Imagination Station.

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Twitter: @JoeRinaldi 


Mining Old Gold

3:00-3:30 PM, BALLROOM B

Are you maximizing the relationships you’ve developed throughout your agency’s lifetime? Are you thoughtfully engaged with past clients? Are you reliably front-of-mind for past prospects? Are you manufacturing leads and referrals intentionally?

Or are you still relying on organic inbound leads and referrals...? Good work is the best business development, BUT HOPE IS NOT A PLAN.

Let’s discuss a strategy for mining opportunities from your existing network, the people who know and trust you. Where the sales dynamic is tipped in your favor. Your Old Gold.

In this session you’ll learn:

  • Why networks grow in value, and then diminish over time (and knowing is half the battle)

  • The three critical attributes of a referral and lead generation-focused network

  • The three key elements of successful business development

  • How to spend a limited, but powerful amount of time engaging with past clients, near-miss prospects and the rest of your agency’s network