Carla Hale


Carla Hale is a partner and Director of Client Services at The Scenery, a product design and development agency in Dayton, Ohio. The Scenery works with digital products in the Fintech, AI and analytics spaces around the country. They specialize in UI design/development, design systems and product marketing sites.

Carla works closely with founders, C-level execs, product owners, developers and designers, bringing all the parties together to achieve the strategic vision of the business. Her past experience in traditional agencies and social media led her to a path of digital project management, and eventually client services in product design and development. 

Carla’s made her lifelong home in Dayton, Ohio. She’s passionate about talent retention, leadership and diversity in the workforce. In her spare time, she loves being at home with her husband and puppy, cooking, hosting parties or trying a new vintage of wine. 

Get in touch with carla:

Twitter: @carlaweishale


Running an Agency Through Tragedy

3:00-3:30 PM, BALLROOM B

Owning an agency has enough challenges on its own. But running a shop through a disaster is something totally different. Carla will tell the true story of how The Scenery caught on fire and how the owners and team managed through it.

It can all change in an instant, so thinking on your feet, moving forward and energizing yourself are all critical. You’ll hear lessons on how to sustain client relationships, keep employees engaged and productive and keep revenue high.