Avery Swartz


Avery Swartz is one of Canada’s top tech experts who has spent 12 years on the ground working directly with hundreds of clients as a web designer, consultant and digital advisor. Avery works directly with clients through her company, North Coast Group. North Coast Group bridges the distance between business goals and technology solutions through a unique suite of digital advisory and tech consultancy services.

In addition to North Coast Group, Avery is the founder, sole owner and CEO of Camp Tech, Canada’s tech workshop company for non-technical people. Headquartered in Toronto, Camp Tech offers 100+ tech workshops to the general public annually, and provides on-site private training for organizations including CPA Chartered Professional Accountants Canada, Kobo, Canadian Living Magazine, Simon Fraser University, YMCA Canada, the City of Toronto, and the Library of Parliament.

Avery is the resident tech expert on CTV’s Your Morning, highlighting the latest tech gadgets and apps for a national audience. She regularly appears on CBC Radio stations across Canada, giving expert commentary on the latest tech news. Avery writes articles about tech and the modern woman for Chatelaine, and writes about tech and small business for The Globe and Mail. She has been a Professor at both Ryerson University and Humber College in Toronto.

In 2017, Avery was #5 on the Top 50 Women in Marketing list by Search Engine Journal.

With a generous spirit of giving back to Canadians and her communities, Avery acts as a digital advisor to a number of charities (including the Art Canada Institute and Canadian Cancer Society), serves on the Board of Directors of Canadian Stage and hosts the Gather North retreat for women who make the web.

Get in touch with avery:

Website: northcoastgroup.ca
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/averyswartz
Twitter: @averyswartz


How to Leverage Your Expertise to Grow Your Business, Not Just Your Ego

1:30-2:30 PM, BALLROOM B

We’ve all heard the advice that building a “personal brand” and engaging in “thought leadership” can grow your business. Being on TV and having your name in the newspaper is a great thing to show off on LinkedIn, but how will it actually make you more money? The answer is more difficult than you’d think.

Drawing from the experience of raising her profile in the media, Avery Swartz will speak candidly on how she quieted her fears and loosened the grip of imposter syndrome. She’ll help you to understand what you can realistically expect of PR. You’ll get tips on how to successfully pitch the media, what to do when the phone rings and how to get invited back on air. Avery will explain how to leverage your expertise, go beyond 15 minutes of fame and actually move the needle on your business.