Rob Harr


Rob is a developer and software consultant who found his way into running a web business. He is a co-founder and Vice President of Sparkbox, a web design and development studio in Dayton, Ohio that focuses on long-term partnerships with clients and creating a better Web through education.

Before Sparkbox, Rob always enjoyed the people side of technology problems while he worked and consulted for enterprise software companies. This allowed him to run projects and communicate effectively with stakeholders from early on in his career—and with great success. In his current role as Vice President, Rob is responsible for Sparkbox’s operations and financials. This has led him to speak frequently about pricingoperations and other business topics. His personal commitment to brutal honesty and plain speaking about what he has learned and the struggles of growing a business have struck a chord with audiences. Also, while at Sparkbox, Rob led the design of the apprenticeship program which allows the company to develop web talent in Dayton.

Over the years, Rob has worked with clients big and small—always finding a way to add value to their businesses. Rob loves the idea that relationships (with clients, partners and employees) should be mutually edifying. He is passionate about growing the business of Sparkbox and helping others in their quest to do the same for their businesses.


Forecasting: Your New Business Superpower

“You won’t be in control of your business until you can accurately predict it.” One of my early mentors and business advisors must have told me that a thousand times during our time together—and it’s true. From project planning to cash flow planning, hiring and sales, everything starts with forecasting.

Being able to see the future is a business superpower.

Learn how to use today’s data to take the mystery out of tomorrow by developing a systemic approach to business forecasting and using reporting to improve the accuracy of your forecasts to take control of your business.

Are you ready to unlock this superpower?

During this session, you’ll learn:

  • Where to start with forecasting
  • How to improve forecasting through feedback loops
  • Predicting cash flow
  • Getting buy-in from your team