Natalie Warnert

As a developer turned Agile coach, Natalie Warnert deeply understands and embraces the talent and environment it takes to build great products. Her extensive experience in Agile methods and user experience makes Natalie’s skills an asset to any team’s continuous improvement journey.

From building the right product to building the product right, Natalie drives strategy and learning through validation. Her recognized expertise has earned her a reputation as a thought leader in the Agile industry. You will often find her speaking at conferences, and she has been invited to share her ideas at the national and international level.

Natalie is a SPC, CSP, CSM and has experience in Lean, Six Sigma and Kanban coaching. She recently finished her Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership and is very passionate about her thesis topic: increasing women’s involvement in the Agile and technology community (#WomenInAgile). You can read more about Natalie’s ideas and contact her through her website:


Show Me the MVP! The Digital PM and Lean UX perspective in Product Development

October 13th | 10:00 AM

Some of the most difficult roles to integrate in Agile and Lean development are project managers and user experience (UX). Transitioning from big upfront design and massive requirements documents to a minimum viable product and just in time design is difficult to understand and implement successfully.

Agility is critical to success in digital business because the market transitions so rapidly and competition is fierce. Natalie will describe key strategies to shift the traditional way of thinking to a leaner model while preserving options for delivery. She will clarify how project managers and user experience professionals can embrace and prosper in this new work environment by using real world examples from some of the large digital retailers in the United States.