Martijn van Tilburg


Martijn van Tilburg is CEO of 10,000ft, an award-winning software company based in Seattle.

As a trained designer with over 20 years of experience, Martijn started his career at Microsoft crafting the user experience for products like Office and Windows. He then spent 6 years as Director of Design for digital agency Artefact where he learned how to run and grow a creative business while working with clients like Adobe, Samsung, HTC, Google, and Amazon.

At 10,000ft, Martijn co-founded a successful software company that relies on a human-centered design approach for both its product creation and internal business processes. The top creative organizations in the world rely on 10,000ft to manage their projects and people with visibility into critical data they need to scale their businesses.

Martijn is an inventor on more than 30 patents and has been recognized with awards from associations like IDSA, IxDA, and AIGA.



A 10,000ft View of Getting Things Done

Tuesday, October 17 | 8:50-9:00
Milan Ballroom

Project Managers have the unique role of understanding project requirements and then defining and communicating the constraints with the team. The process can unravel when people from different disciplines miss out on key information, which is all too often the reality and places the bulk of the burden on the PM.

Martijn’s company, 10,000ft, has been making project management software for the last 5 years, but he’s spent the last 20 years managing software and design projects. He’s seen many projects go off the rails and in this short talk, he’ll share the common themes among them.