Lina Calin

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Lina is a digital project manager who applies her passion for psychology, empathy, and the human side of project management to drive her success as a project lead. Her years of experience in account and project manager roles for start-ups and development agencies have also cultivated her passion for developing powerful connections with project stakeholders.

Whether leading design projects, digital marketing projects, or custom application builds, Lina believes that empowering her team with effective workflow processes and communicating with honesty and compassion help direct project success that lasts well beyond project launch. She likes to embarrass her team with exuberant affirmation and is firmly in the camp of "Uses Too Many Exclamation Points."

When it's time to put the pencil down and the feet up, Lina loves exploring everything culinary! She authors a food blog, cooks for her community, and spends as much time as she can on Virginia’s gorgeous James River.

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The Importance of Asking "Why"

1:30 pm, Wednesday, September 5
Guest House theater

Have you ever had a client respond emotionally when you explained that a requested feature was out of scope? Have you interacted with a member of your team who refused to try a new solution? Have you ever struggled with organization leadership when you suggested a process change? 

As human beings, our natural reflex is to react to our environment based on what is presented to us, but one of the most advantageous things we can do as project leads is to take a step back and always ask "why?" This workshop will give you the tools to dig deeper—directly to the heart of project issues we face—and show you why "why" is the best of the 5 W's.

In this session you'll learn:

  • The importance of always asking "why"

  • Practical ways to uncover the root of difficult problems

  • Strategies to use "why" to improve project documentation, relationships, workflows, processes, and your career trajectory

  • How to encourage your team to dig to find the "why" to improve their own relationships and workflows