Nora Lahl

Nora got her start working as a print production artist at a traditional ad agency, back when Quark Xpress was the preferred layout tool. Over the past decade, she’s embraced technology changes to make the switch from picas to pixels. She’s currently in her sixth year at Lightburn, a full-service digital agency in Milwaukee, WI. As Senior Producer, Nora manages a dedicated team of developers, designers, and UX professionals. From custom e-commerce platforms to complex IA challenges, she takes pride in approaching each project, and project team, as a unique opportunity. 

Nora keeps busy outside of work with her two kids, Emmy and Wolf, and her husband, Jim. She’s an active volunteer with her local La Leche League chapter, and has also spent time advocating for urban gardening initiatives and women’s social justice programs. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram @noramke. 


Team Structure: A Hot Topic, or a Hot Mess?

October 13th | 1:15 PM

Switching from ad hoc teams for each project to a dedicated team structure is a hot topic right now, as small and mid-size agencies look for ways to grow and grow up. Change is good, but also scary. Nora will discuss how team structure impacts your role as a PM, share her tips on how to make the transition, and provide proven ways you can help your team embrace the great unknown.