Amy Kapell

Amy Kapell is VP, Client Strategy & Communication at Closed Loop, a boutique digital agency in the Sacramento area, California. In her role, she synthesizes the contributions of Closed Loop’s design, UX, creative, and strategy teams, creating comprehensive plans for improving the user experience, usability, and conversion rates of large- and enterprise-level websites. Amy "goes native” on large-scale projects, becoming a de facto member of clients’ internal marketing, web development, and project teams. She also uses massive amounts of post-it notes.

Amy has over ten years of experience in online marketing and more than 15 years of experience in digital project management. She holds a bachelor’s degree in anthropology and communication from the University of Michigan-Dearborn and a master’s degree in communication from Eastern Michigan University. 

In 2014, as she and fellow DPM Carson Pierce were chatting about what it means to be a project manager, she riffed on a stream of consciousness, which he kindly turned into this "We are Project Managers" poster. As far as personal manifestos go, she's pretty happy with it.

Follow Amy on Twitter at @amykapell. 


From Mundane to Magical —
How to Enchant Your Clients at Every Turn

October 12th | 3:30 PM

How do you transform the taken-for-granted, often mundane acts of daily PM communication into the magical experience of writing emails that actually get responses, running meetings people want to attend, building client rapport that lasts and generally being the DPM people can't live without?

You enchant the hell out of them.

In this informative, actionable, multi-takeway presentation, 15 year communication veteran and digital project manager Amy Kapell walks (and talks) you through key tactics and strategies to turn the communication you do every day into a magical experience your clients and colleagues will rave about for years to come.