Josh Korr

Josh Korr is a Senior Project Manager at Viget in Falls Church, VA, specializing in custom (Ruby on Rails) development projects. He believes knowledge, not process, is the key to solving project teams' recurring challenges — and is obsessed with articulating what knowledge digital PMs need to be successful. He has led Viget's internal efforts to train PMs on definition, ticket writing, testing, and all the other non-process things PMs do to help turn ideas into a real product. In previous lives, Josh was a startup product manager and an award-winning journalist.






Golden Tickets: How to Write Awesome, Useful Dev Documentation

October 12th | 2:30 PM

For PMs who don't work in a documentation-less agile dreamland, a big part of our job is writing tickets (and other documentation) for developers. This clinic will help you write awesome tickets that'll leave your dev colleagues giving one :thumbsup: after another. We'll learn how to break down wireframes and comps into useful tickets, and which ticket details can make back-end and front-end developers' lives easier. Whether you manage Drupal content sites, custom Rails applications, or iOS apps, you'll come away with highly practical tips to immediately improve your tickets.