Joe Rinaldi

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Joe Rinaldi is a people connector, community builder, and sales strategist passionate about connecting audiences to exciting ideas. In his business development consulting, That Was Clutch, he helps his cpartners unlock the intentionality, sincerity, and sustainability they need to power their business development practices, and augment their pipelines. It's easy to sell if you love what you sell.

Formerly, Joe served as business development lead and President at Happy Cog, Founder of PhilaMade, and as a cadet in Commander Mark's Imagination Station.

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Sales to PM: When Client Prospects Become Project Reality

1:30 pm, Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 5
Ballroom E

The handoff from sales to project management is an important and vulnerable transition. Ensuring a project kicks off on the right foot is a critical element of project success. You never get a second chance at a first impression. What can digital project managers do to help optimize this process?

As a business development lead working in client services with some truly kick ass PMs, Joe Rinaldi was the beneficiary of a deeply thoughtful approach to successful project handoffs. As a business development consultant now, working with dozens of teams, he’s seen how often this process can go sideways too.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Map out the attributes and goals of a successful sales to project management transition plan, and best practices

  • Learn the value a successful transition process provides to sales, project management, operations, and project execution

  • Learn ways to enact change and champion process improvement whether you’re deeply involved in sales or not

  • Find out how to internally sell a win/win/win/win proposition