Joanna Leigh Simon

Abby Fretz

Joanna Leigh Simon is a Producer at The Heads of State in Philadelphia. As the only PM on a small but mighty creative team, Joanna is "first on and last off" every project. She attends to budgets, timelines, vendors, and agency traffic as well as account management and business development, contributes to strategy, and has been involved in scaling the design and branding agency since she joined in 2015. Some of her current clients include New Balance, Interboro Spirits & Ales, Conan on TBS, Saxbys, Philadelphia Magazine, the New York Times, and Penguin Books. 

Before joining THoS, Joanna founded a video production company in Philadelphia with two partners where she produced marketing, corporate, and educational video content as well as commercials and documentaries from 2011 - 2015. 

While she's been pretty lucky so far, as-yet-not-pursued dream jobs include radio morning show host, FBI agent, script reader, and aqua aerobics instructor. Joanna will always go out of her way to step on a crunchy leaf. 



How Are We Doing? Measuring Project Success 

Tuesday, October 17 | 11:00-11:45
Milan Ballroom

Whether your team is large or small, and no matter the task(s) at hand, it can be hard to truly know how a project is going when you're in the middle of it. It can be nearly impossible to objectively evaluate performance and progress, especially when there are many tasks, moving parts, stakeholders and players involved. It can also be hard to convince your team that things are better than they seem, or that there are weak links, without concrete metrics. 

If you want to be fully confident when you tell a client or manager that things are "going GREAT!" or that you "NEED HELP!", there are some key areas you can quickly evaluate to back up your case. Find out how to measure what in order to always know where you stand and be able to share with your team or with clients and management clearly and convincingly. 

This system is also a great way to evaluate project success at post-mortem and keep records of your team's progress over time.