Jack Skeels

Mr. Skeels is a recovering client services and program management executive whose career included leading Sapient’s 105-person Los Angeles office, several years as a RAND Corporation management scientist and graduate-level marketing professor. A two-time Inc-500 Award winner, Jack spends his days leading a revolution in agency management practices, including next-generation scoping and estimation methods, self-empowered teams, and delivery excellence. In the last five years, his company has taught Agile-based, self-managed team techniques to over 3,500 agency staff and over 70 agencies.

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Key Moves for Better Scoping and Estimation

October 14th | 1:30 PM

One of the most difficult challenges that agencies face today is that of scoping and estimating new projects effectively and accurately. The most prevalent practices are borrowed from software development – or unrelated industries like construction – and are poorly suited for today’s rapidly-moving and multi-workstream digital shops.  Studies have indicated that agency-wide margin losses from poor scoping and estimating often range from 20-45% of sales.  This challenge has numerous origins, and only by understanding them can practices improve.

In this session, we’ll uncover many of these factors, including:

  • Mistaken and underspecified assumptions
  • Quality of project briefings
  • Incorrect financial and accounting assumptions
  • Ineffectiveness of traditional business analysis and project management techniques
  • Challenges in communication and specification, and
  • Estimation bias across roles, skill levels, types of work, and team/contracting structures.