Ian Cox


Ian Cox leads the Professional Services organization at Cantina, a digital product design and development agency in Boston. Over the past 12 years Ian has focused on mobile strategy, technology and design projects and programs. Now, as mobile continues to evolve into not only our primary computing device, but the hub for the internet of things, Ian leads digital projects that include both software and hardware workstreams. Ian has managed large-scale global projects and early-stage ideation and design efforts with clients such as Grainger, Hilton, Rue La La and Putnam Investments.    

Ian lives in Salem, MA with his wife and three daughters and yes, his 1759 house is probably haunted. With witches.


Getting Ready to Lead a Connected Product Project

11:00 am, Thursday, September 6
Guest House Theater

As software and hardware continue their convergence into wearables, autonomous cars and connected homes, digital project managers need to prepare for the complexities of delivering these products. If you haven't delivered a software project with a hardware component (or visa versa) already, you probably will in the next two years. In this lightning talk, Ian will share insights and best practices he has developed while learning about and delivering connected products for his clients.

after this session you'll walk away with:

  • A quick overview on why Connected Product Projects are unique

  • What to look out for and how to plan

  • Realistic steps to up your IoT game so you can be integral on the next project