Gary Ware

Dave Prior

Gary Ware is the Chief Strategy Officer of Tower 33 Digital, and the Founder of Breakthrough Play, a company that helps professionals level-up their confidence, creativity, and happiness using play. To do this Gary incorporates techniques that professional improvisers use to create amazing experiences with no script. Gary Ware has been in the marketing and advertising industry for over a decade and understands the challenges that companies like yours are facing. He first got into improvisation as a way to better his public speaking, and quickly found that it could apply to various business challenges. When Gary is not working or performing improv he is at home spending time with his wife and his son Garrett.



Leveraging Improvisation to Improve Collaboration Across Teams

Monday, October 16 | 1:30-3:00
modena 3

In a world where we are busier than ever, and forced to do more with less, how can digital project managers continue to thrive while meeting the high demands of their day-to-day job? The answer…Improvisation! Think about it, improvisers are forced to perform under intense situations. They have to entertain a crowd without a script, and often only get a single suggestion to get started. Every performance is different, they work in large groups with different personalities and skillsets; they fail often, yet they welcome the challenge every time and do it with a smile.

In this highly interactive workshop Gary will cover how you can utilize the tools that improvisers use to make up stories out of thin air to become more agile, a better communicator, and bounce back from failure. You will also learn fun games that you can play that will level up the collaboration and connection with your teams