Evy Törnkvist

As an online Manager and digital project manager in multiple industries like Business/Credit Information, Food and Media Associations, Evy has good knowledge of the challenges a digital team can face in traditional organizations. Continuing her career as a DPM at multiple digital agencies, she also experienced both the joyful and difficult parts of managing multi- disciplinary teams delivering to clients with little digital knowledge. Today she is a freelance DPM with clients on both sides of digital project delivery. 

Attending DPM Summit 2015, Evy realized the importance of DPMs sharing their experiences, which resulted in her and a colleague arranging DPL Forum, the Swedish version of the Digital PM Summit. She also realized that she has many stories to tell, which is why she is sharing some of her findings.


The DPM Survival Kit

October 13th | 1:10-1:20 PM

As digital project manager you are quite alone in your everyday work, with many responsibilities and often a high personal need to keep track of everything on your projects. The expectations of a DPM's responsibilities are sometimes as many as there are members in the project. And on top of that, there are demands on your PM deliverables.

With the help of uncomfortable truths, Evy will share her
experiences as a DPM over the years, and how her approach to the role has changed. In this lightning talk, she will present the steps you can take as a DPM to not only survive the day-to-day, but succeed.