Owner Summit 2018

That’s a wrap. Relive 2018 as we plan your escape to where it all began.


Our fourth Owner Summit is in the books, and we’re thrilled to say it got the highest marks to date. While we’re pinning down the details for our fifth anniversary celebration, meander on down to the dunes of South Carolina with us, and bask in the glow of Owner Summit 2018…


Oh, but wait, did we mention Owner Summit 2019 will be in Austin? That's right. You voted for it—we're booking it!

In 2015, more than 100 digital owners came together in Austin to share insights, talk about challenges and discuss where the industry was and could be. Since then, the community has grown by leaps and bounds.

Few cities match the energy, inspiration and eclectic vibe of Austin. Get ready to join us, and make 2019 your best year yet.

Speaker Sessions

Richard Banfield: Stupidity & Shame: Making Failure Your Best Teacher

Doing things that make us embarrassed and expose our fallibility can be the best lessons for owners. The question is will you learn your lesson or let pride ruin your business?

Claire Lew: The Grass is Always Greener

Owners always think employees have it easier...and employees always think the owners have it easier. Hone in on the disconnect and find out how we can all work better together.

Marty Ringlein: From Agency to Acquisition

Get a first-hand account of growing an agency through talent and technology, and how relentless experimentation led to acquisition conversations with big names like Apple and Spotify.

Gabe Levine & Josh Barrett: Bureau Standard Form of Agreement for Digital Services

Learn more about the Bureau's standard base level agreement and request the most recent version.

Ilise Benun: The Art of Attracting the Best Clients

Stop the self-defeating cycle of feast or famine (the underbelly of “word of mouth”) and instead attract the best clients—you know, the ones who value your services and are ready to pay for them.

Adam Hale and Dave Danic: The New Tax Laws and Your Business

The new tax policies have a lot of us scratching our heads. Find out what’s changed and how to make the most of the new tax codes. 

Nancy Lyons: Digital Transformation Isn’t Digital After All

Take a people-first approach and drive real transformation to achieve a digital culture.

Social Love


Gratitude Wall

We asked attendees, “Did anyone or any one thing stand out as really amazing and beneficial?” Here’s what they had to say…

It’s quite neat seeing how open and welcoming the Bureau community is.
It was great to reconnect with folks I haven’t seen in years.
Claire Lew’s talk, mostly because it hit what I needed at the moment.
Wil was great, and for me, the best part is catching up with old friends.
Really an aggregate of some of the talks and conversations, particularly Banfield’s and Wil’s talks.
New relationships and the ‘hallway track.’ The Camp sessions are always valuable.
I was struck by how open, honest and welcoming the community was.
The realization that I’m not alone in my concerns/problems.
The event communication.
Also, the Bureau Standard Agreement is huge!
Wil’s and Richard’s talks were outstanding.
The afternoon breakout groups.
Claire’s talk; Richard Banfield’s talk; Ilise’s talk was informative as well, but the first two were just outstanding.
It’s really the community of people and discussing things. Some of the talks were great too though—Wil Reynolds was great.
There are too many to mention. I got something (sometimes many somethings) out of every session.
Really enjoyed the workshops. Always more takeaways and lessons learned in those kinds of settings.
The small group/breakout sessions. Enjoyed talking to people from agencies of similar size.
Wil is always great to hear. Nancy’s talk had a profound impact on my thinking.
The networking with other members was most beneficial. Also Wil’s talk was a highlight.
The group circles discussing our challenges and tips for dealing with specific issues.
A perfect balance of learning and networking
The group sessions in general.
Loved the camp sessions by size of team!
Hearing the personal journeys of other participants.
Conversations with people from the same organization size as mine. Helped greatly to understand how to grow through the struggles.
The afternoon sessions are always valuable—a great way to both give and take with the group. The golf was pretty great too. ;)
Nancy’s and Wil’s talks were a nice shot of motivation.
Conversations in between sessions where ‘real talk’ occurs.
The talk by Marty Ringlein was insightful, useful and inspiring.
The transparency and contrasting of both Wil’s and Richard’s talks provided a realness that was really powerful for me.
Richard Banfield’s presentation took my breath away! What I love about Owner Summit is that people are real—Richard’s keynote was no exception.
The entire experience was engaging and will help my business. But I found the breakout sessions to be most helpful, and will help not only my business, but me personally.
Wil’s very candid chat. It was super raw and insightful. But the most helpful was the breakout sessions—we really enjoyed learning from other companies our size, and being able to help others in our position.
I was blown away by the honesty and vulnerability in Richard Banfield’s talk. 2017 was a hard year for me too and it was really nice to hear from others who emerged from some dark days. It also speaks to the strength of this community, which I’m incredibly grateful for.
The three sessions on Tuesday morning ROCKED. The legal role-playing was AWESOME!! The group sessions were amazing. The generous, supportive vibe seemed to really bloom from those.
The vulnerability and transparency that Richard Banfield shared about the true struggles of his business. We all felt that we could relate to his struggles. But he didn’t give up, he created and executed on his plan. His transparency encouraged many of us that this is the purpose behind the Bureau and just one of the values it gives digital owners today.

Get in on the Conversation

Unplug from your daily grind, and join us for honest, open conversations and knowledge sharing.

  • May 6–9: Owner Camp Belize, Placencia, Belize: Solve your challenges, gain inspiration, and get back to work with a whole set of ideas to implement immediately.

  • June 10–13: Operations Camp Utah, Midway, UT: Take everything a digital studio is, put it in a box and flip it over. We’ll reconstruct the operations role using the collective know-how of some of the best studio operators around.

2018 Moments & Memories

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