September 24, 2019, 2:00 PM ET

How do you evolve and grow your company in a way that’s sustainable, while also preserving the very things that make your organization special? Tom O’Neill and David Annis join us to share their first-hand experiences and strategies for operations and growth.

Previously the CEO of The Nerdery, Tom scaled the company from 50 to 500 Nerds with offices in Minneapolis, Chicago, Kansas City and Phoenix. As Tom was growing The Nerdery, David was a Partner and Managing Director at Zeus Jones, where he oversaw agency operations and the business. With a shared love for teams, growth and business insights, Tom and David combined forces and founded Parallax in 2018. Parallax is a planning, resource management and analytics platform that helps agencies and consultancies grow by creating a shared perspective across their organizations.

Tune in for actionable strategies and lessons learned to help you take your team and business to the next level.

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Tom O’Neill & David Annis


Tom O’Neill

Tom was previously the CEO of The Nerdery, a digital consultancy providing custom software development. During Tom’s tenure, he grew The Nerdery from 50 to 500 Nerds with offices across four U.S. cities. Tom has a passion for helping consultancies grow profitably while building strong cultures and teams.


David Annis

Dave was most recently a Partner and Managing Director at Zeus Jones, a business strategy and brand design firm located in Minneapolis that has worked with numerous Fortune 100 brands. As Managing Director, Dave was responsible for overall agency operations and shares Tom’s passion for improving agency operations in support of cultural development and individual growth.

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