Create Healthy Environments for Diverse Teams, Products & Solutions

A simple truth: we need more diversity in the tech industry. Diversity of gender, ethnicities, beliefs, experiences—all of it. While many of us understand the benefits of having diverse teams in our companies, cultures and communities, we struggle with creating a focused and sustainable initiative. That’s the mission of Digital Diversity Days at Seer, connecting diversity, equity and inclusion professionals with digital companies of all kinds that need guidance on making real strides in creating healthy environments for diverse teams.


November 13–14, 2019
Seer Interactive
1033 N. 2nd Street, 2nd Floor
Philadelphia, PA 19123 (map)

Diversity is not easy. But together we can lay the foundation to make real change happen within our companies, our community and our industry. Trying to get started is what stops many of us. It feels like there are too many things we don’t understand. Luckily we don’t have to do it alone. Join us to learn from experts, openly discuss your challenges and outline a real diversity plan for your organization. Together we can do this.

Super Early Bird Pricing

While details are being finalized, we’re offering discounted tickets for Digital Diversity Days.

All proceeds from this event will go to the Bureau Diversity and Inclusion Scholarship Fund. Super Early Bird Pricing: $799

Early Speaker Announcements

Digital Diversity Days will bring together experts and organizations that have success stories to share. We’ll be announcing more speakers and sharing the event agenda soon, so stay tuned!


Jahan Mantin and Boyuan Gao are Co-Founders + Principals of Project Inkblot, a NYC-based consultancy that developed Design for Diversity™(D4D). D4D is a powerful framework that illuminates blind spots around cultural and racial biases within your team’s workflows, decision making and design processes, before they are embedded into the end product or service. D4D unlocks breakthroughs in team efficiencies, business innovation and creativity.

Why You Need to Be There


Meaningful Connections

Digital Diversity Days gives you the opportunity to meet with peers in an open, supportive environment. Step outside your own organization to connect with others who share your same priorities and challenges.


Dedicated Time in the Right Environment

Many of us have been discussing diversity for a long time. While the conversation is important, it’s only the beginning. Put a plan in place, recalibrate your talent pipeline and begin executing on your vision for the future.


Real Insights, Real Accountability

We all know DE&I is the future, but it can be tough to know how to get started. Learn first-hand how others have found success and plug into a peer group that will ensure you reach your goals.


Actionable Takeaways

Digital Diversity Days is all about putting in real work to achieve lasting change. This isn’t an educational event. It’s a change-your-organization event.

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