Thanks For An Amazing Design Leadership Days

There are moments in our lives where everything seems to magically come together. But if you dig deeper you’ll find that there were individuals involved who cared tremendously. They cared about the way things felt. They cared about providing value. And they cared enough to be open and accepting of each other. Together they formed something brighter and bigger than any one person could ever do on their own.

That’s exactly what happened at Design Leadership Days, and we have so many people to thank.

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To The Attendees

This was the first Bureau event for a majority of you. And it was the first event of its kind for all of us. You chose to spend your time and money on the potential of what we could create together. Without your faith in us to provide the value you were seeking, none of this would have happened. You have given us the energy, enthusiasm, and feedback to make the next Design Leadership Days even better. More than that, you’ve shown the desire to share your experiences and keep the conversations flowing.



To The Speakers

It’s not easy to put yourself in front of your peers and share what you’ve learned. The highs and the lows. The stories. The insights. The lessons. And not only share them but make them valuable for people you’ve never met. But you did it. Thank you for the honesty and originality of your messages. They were extremely well received. We think David Conrad did a great job of summarizing one nugget of wisdom from each presentation.

To Our Partners

InVisionMailchimp and VOGSY. You do more than anyone would ever expect. It’s truly about helping us build and support this community. And your efforts extend beyond the traditional concept of sponsorship into creating value and actively participating. Thanks for being a part of everything we do. You are part of the Bureau Community and we thank you.



To The Bureau Community

At moments like this, we think about how lucky we are. And then we realize that every bit of luck we’ve had was because someone who cared was there to support us. Now we have that support every single day. It’s crazy how fast we’ve grown and how much we help each other. We are so lucky to have you in our corner. Together we are doing amazing things, and we can’t wait to see you again.

We’ve got so many opportunities to connect between now and the next Design Leadership Days so please reach out. We’d love to hear how things are going and how we can help!

Thank You to Our Wonderful Partners: