Tackle Tough Problems in the Desert Wilderness

As a design leader, you’ve got your work cut out for you. You’re building and scaling teams, managing the creative side, the people side and more. It isn't easy, but fortunately you don't have to go it alone. Join us in New Mexico for Design Leadership Camp. Brought to you by InVision, Design Leadership Camp is an intimate three-day gathering for people who lead large design teams. Connect with new friends and allies, trade stories and get the insights you need to evolve and grow as an exceptional leader.

Design Leadership Camp Koloa

Join Fellow Design Leaders in the Sangre de Cristo Foothills

Want to hone your leadership skills, immerse yourself in rugged beauty and turn problem-solving into an adventure? Join us for Design Leadership Camp Santa Fe. We're setting up camp at the Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado, a beautiful, secluded retreat surrounded by spectacular scenery.

Design Leadership Camp is a chance to connect with peers to explore solutions together. We take care of the planning and details, so you can focus on new ideas and strategies. Wake up each morning to stunning views, wander over to breakfast and spend the day talking shop with fellow design leaders. Get the answers you need during moderated discussions, unscripted conversations and impromptu moments engaged in fun activities.


Experience Design Leadership Camp

Invaluable Connections

Design Leadership Camp is the opportunity to meet face to face with fellow design leaders. It's a protected space to talk openly and honestly about your role, team and struggles. Dig into challenges while hiking the nearby ridges, watching horses play or enjoying a moonlit evening around a crackling fire. Make connections that last long after camp ends, and continue conversations into the future.

Fresh Air for Ideas & Solutions

Great ideas don’t show up at your desk or in a conference room. Breakthroughs shy away from break rooms. If you're looking for the next big thing, head to a place that's ripe for conversation, innovation and discovery. Get the space and fresh air you need to devise new creative solutions and implement change right away.


A Respite to Renew & Refocus

With all the moving parts, chaos and hectic pace, it's easy to fall to the bottom of your own priority list. Commit to some time away for yourself, to clear your mind and make room for new ideas and solutions. It’s amazing how much better things are when you take time to recharge.

New Paths Through Charted Territory

Shortcut or scenic route? How about both? Design Leadership Camp lets you unwind, compare notes with fellow design leaders and find better paths forward, faster—while having fun. Hear how others have tackled the same things you're going through, leverage lessons learned and make the right decisions for your team and organization.

Share Your Experiences & Learn from Others

Design Leadership Camp is a place to trade ideas and strategies with other design leaders. Everyone has something to contribute, and important insights to share. Join us and add your voice to the conversation.


“Design Leadership Camp was intimate, intensive and inspiring! Was such a thrill meeting other design leaders and speaking candidly about the challenges facing our profession. I learned something new from every person who attended.”

— Todd Dominey, Former Senior Director of Design, MailChimp


“That moment at dinner when you realize you're at a table with people that you've never met before, but somehow get everything about you. That is the heart of Design Leadership Camp.”

— Renee Solorzano, Experience Design Manager, Airbnb


“I am eternally grateful for the perspective-shifting conversations had among a group of incredible design leaders. We may not have found all the answers, but we left chasing them knowing an amazing community is right there with us on the journey.”

— Chris Wilkinson, Director of Product Design, Devbridge Group 

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