Community-Centric, Curated Events for Digital Professionals

Bureau events are a place for digital professionals to connect with peers, explore ideas and learn from one another. The value of each event lies in the perspectives you absorb from each and every attendee. All of our attendees come from diverse backgrounds and industry niches, with perspectives often outside your immediate circle of influence. Each event is programmed to help you solve your challenges, gain inspiration and get back to work with a whole set of ideas to implement immediately. 

What Are Bureau Events Like?

If you’re new to the Bureau, welcome! Here's a quick snapshot of our events to get you started. Looking for more information? Send us a note. We're happy to help.

Role Call

The Bureau brings together professionals from digital agencies, tech shops, in-house teams and some of the largest companies in the world. Owners, operators, digital project managers, creative directors, design leaders and business development leads…this is your community. Some of our events are specific to one role while others span multiple or all roles.

real talk

At each event, and as a community, we take an oath not to divulge anything that could be considered sensitive or confidential. The Bureau gives you a forum to talk plainly and openly about challenges you’re facing.

camps & summits

Each year, the Bureau hosts events that fall into two categories: camps and summits. Camps are smaller, curated get-togethers, and summits are larger events that blend a traditional conference format with facilitated conversations. Get a glimpse into both and an overview of key differences:

Design Leadership Camp

Digital PM Summit


  • Several scheduled throughout the year

  • Smaller 25–30-person gatherings

  • You have a voice in the agenda and content

  • Held in creative settings where you can forget your day-to-day and dive into the bigger issues that are holding you and your team back

  • Curated by application to ensure we allocate tickets fairly and provide a more diverse, relevant experience (most of our camps sell out in advance)

  • Costs include event registration fee, accommodations, welcome reception, continental breakfast and full lunch (on days one and two) as well as a closing dinner or reception


  • Two to three hosted each year

  • Larger events with hundreds of attendees

  • One part traditional conference: we start with speakers and subject matter experts on stage sharing insights

  • One part facilitated conversations: we then break into smaller groups where you can connect based on the criteria that matters to you

  • In-person summits often include optional workshops

  • Costs include event registration fee, welcome reception, continental breakfast and full lunch (on days one and two) as well as a social event on night one

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