Get Thee to the Digital PM Summit!

We know you can do the research and craft the email to ask your boss to send you. But wouldn't it be nice if there was an easier way to sell the value of your attendance? That’s where we come in: check out this sample email that touches on all of the points you should make when asking to attend. Copy, paste, edit, update, send...and attend. If only it were that easy...we hope it is! Good luck.

Dear <Supervisor>,

The Digital PM Summit, which is the biggest professional conference for people who manage digital projects, is taking place September 4–6, and I really think we’d benefit from my attendance. There will be great speakers, sessions and workshops that can improve the way we approach our projects. I know that making budgetary decisions around employee professional development can be tough, but I do think the investment in sending me to the Digital PM Summit would pay off. Based on the Summit agenda, the topics presented will help me:

  • Educate stakeholders and get the most out of our relationships with them
  • Create a shared vision that supports team member autonomy in decision-making and execution
  • Brush up on facilitation techniques that will help me get the most out of any type of collaboration—from daily standups and meetings to all-day workshops
  • Uncover the root of difficult problems
  • Encourage my team to dig to find the "why" to improve our own relationships and workflows
  • How to write clear and useful project documentation
  • Deal with conflict within teams and with partners
  • Enact change and champion process improvement
  • Use our retrospectives to get more meaningful insights
  • Learn more about implementing Agile practices for a more profitable and fast project process
  • Better ways of estimating and planning our projects

The Bureau of Digital, the company that hosts the Digital PM Summit, focuses on community, so they will also provide a lot of networking opportunities that I’d like to take advantage of as well. Meeting my industry peers and building my network will provide me with future opportunities to ask for advice, stay engaged in conversations about best practices and my role and participate in local meetups, among other activities. Plus, the price of admission includes an account in a community-wide Slack account with current and previous attendees, so I’ll be able to check in and get advice on an ongoing basis. I’m really seeing this as a way to learn and grow in my career.

The cost to attend the conference is $____, which includes the registration fee, travel expenses, hotel, and a meal per diem. The detailed cost breakdown is listed below:

  • Conference fee: $1,099
  • Airfare: $_____
  • Transportation to and from the hotel: $20 or less for round-trip fares using a rideshare service
  • Hotel: $129/night + tax
  • Meals: Breakfast and lunch are included on the two conference days

I hope you see this as a worthwhile investment. It is an opportunity for me to network with industry peers, meet and engage with the people who are defining standards for digital project management, attend valuable educational sessions, and gain specific industry knowledge. I can assure you that the investment will pay off for years to come.

Your Favorite DPM