Dr. Sidjae Price


Dr. Sidjae Price is a best-selling author, speaker and entrepreneur. She helps modern entrepreneurs go from chaos to clarity by creating easy-to-follow, actionable steps to clean up the “behind the scenes” messes of business and life, resulting in thriving businesses and more family and personal time.

Dr. Price is the CEO of Priceless Planning, a boutique business consulting agency, and Founder of Speak Loud Inc., a youth-based nonprofit organization. Before creating Priceless Planning, Dr. Price worked for government agencies and a private university where she facilitated policy creation and implementation, employee training and program development. Before creating Speak Loud Inc., Dr. Price aided and led a mission trip to Cuba, and has also volunteered with other organizations and schools throughout the United States and the Caribbean.

Dr. Price is a qualitative researcher who is passionate about organizational conflict. Her research has explored the management of organizational conflict regarding leadership and change management for generation X and Millennial entrepreneurs.

Get in touch with dr. Sidjae price:

Website: sidjaeprice.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/sidjaeprice
Twitter: @SidjaeP

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Floppy Disks & Cloud Storage: How Generation X & Millennials Can Collaboratively Manage Projects

1:30 PM, Monday, October 21

Today's business world has shifted and now consists of mostly Generation X and Millennial team members who are expected to work together on projects, a sometimes difficult task for any multi-generational workplace. This session focuses on how Generation X (floppy disks) and Millennials (cloud storage) can work together to successfully manage projects. Both generations must find a common ground to eliminate workplace conflicts stemming from projects, while eliminating the stereotypes of each generation. Key takeaways for attendees includes:

  • Learning how to work together in a multi-generational workplace on projects

  • Actionable steps for both generations to successfully manage projects

  • Understanding generational competency for project management

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