Robert Sfeir


Robert Sfeir is Head of Delivery, Global for Huge, Inc. He’s responsible for ensuring amazing product delivery through process management and workflow improvements, leveraging Agile and Lean Principles, while collaborating with all disciplines involved in the project’s delivery.

He is closely involved with client senior executives to understand and help them meet their short- and long-term goals through the facilitation of project and roadmap planning. Robert has been closely involved with clients such as CNN, UTAS, AMC, Arby’s, Capital One, Pulte Homes, Lowe’s, Secureworks, Ruth’s Chris and Turner. Robert has 21 years of experience in software engineering, management and agile coaching, which he uses to assess and recommend opportunities for change that enable a company's growing needs to motivate, innovate, learn and adapt to deliver on common goals. Prior to Huge, Robert led engineering teams to deliver products for various government agencies, as well as Delta and Southwest Airlines, Manheim, Cox Media, LegalZoom and Apple, to name a few.


Twitter: @RobertSfeir


Turboboosting Your Teams

4:45 PM, Tuesday, October 22

Today’s market is causing many shifting pressures on business, not the least of which are commoditization of our work, the race to the bottom for prices, competition from large consultancies offshoring our work, and the need to survive and take on more work so we can grow our companies. In this presentation, Robert will talk about those pressures, discuss some of the challenges you may already be facing, and offer a look at how process - the method by which we can more effectively and efficiently deliver our work, can lead to your ability to better compete in the market, improve your margins, run leaner teams without placing further undue pressure on them, and take on risks with larger projects to help you grow your enterprise.

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