Philip Rowe


Philip Rowe is a UX Program Manager at Google on the Search Ads UX team. He’s in charge of resourcing, planning, reporting and facilitating UX collaboration with product management and engineering. Philip manages user experience design reviews for Ads on Google Search and Google maps where he facilitates the process for product launch approvals. He created the team’s new hire program to improve the on-boarding experience for UX designers and researchers.

Prior to Google, Philip has held producer roles at interactive, digital and VR/AR agencies working with such clients as Nike, Boeing, Los Angeles Metro and Lego. Philip has also held technical management positions for internet, startup and entertainment companies such as, Warner Music, DreamWorks Animation and Digital Domain. He had his own design and consulting business creating websites, applications and print marketing materials for small businesses, non-profits, artists and musicians.


Twitter: @philipfrowe 


Design Operations: Scaling Design Teams & Amplifying Impact

10:00 AM, Monday, October 21

You may have heard about design operations and wondered what it is all about. This session will illuminate how design operations scales the impact of design and why that matters to all of us working to deliver digital experiences.

We’ll look at the relationship between design operations and digital project management and what really matters in leading creative projects for our teams. Also, we will discuss strategies to manage a team’s design capacity to drive changes in user experience.

What you’ll take away from this session:

  • Learn how to overcome the challenges in scaling a creative team

  • Find out how you can foster a creative team culture ripe for innovation

  • Discover how to facilitate great reviews, design critiques

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