Patti Epstein


Patti is a seasoned project and production manager in the news and entertainment industry. From 2008 to August 2019, she was the point person at CNN Design for a team tasked with creating a broad spectrum of digital and tv assets, from show branding to breaking news, TV to Facebook Live newscasts. Patti balanced the demands of a chaotic news cycle with a highly creative staff at the leading edge of technology, bringing organization and cohesion to media projects.

She began her career managing the production of a feature-length film incorporating early motion capture technology. She helped kickstart Turner Entertainment's first 2D animation department, landing as the Digital Paint & Composite Director at Turner Studios.

Patti is a Louder Than Ten Certified Project Lead and Certified ScrumMaster (CSM). She has a B.A. from Rochester Institute of Technology. Her CNN team has earned multiple industry awards including two Emmys.




Surviving…Thriving in Chaos!

3:00 PM, Monday, October 21

Your boss walks out the door for that much-deserved two-week vacation with full confidence that “YOU GOT THIS!” And then…IT begins! All the balls start dropping at once and all the best groomed plans and faithfully applied methodologies hit the skids. With your brain in full fight-or-flight mode, your instincts may not offer the best course forward.

What if overwhelm was an optional track? How can we observe our teams or the circumstances in a way that elevates the outcome from merely surviving to thriving?

You’ll leave this session with a greater awareness of how we create our environments and understand why what you say may not be what is actually communicated.

Here are some topics we’ll look at:

  • What authenticity as a project manager looks like

  • Confirmation bias

  • Choosing the team you have!

  • Overwhelm as an optional outcome

  • Thinking from the future

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