Patrice Embry


Patrice Embry is a freelance digital project manager based out of Philadelphia's glorious suburbs. She manages a wide variety of projects, from websites to CMS setups to mobile apps and support. She also helps companies understand process and how project management can improve the overall health of an agency's project portfolio.  

Patrice has been in the business of digital project management for 20 years, and has seen a lot of projects and processes come and go. A Certified ScrumMaster (CSM), she knows what stands the test of time and what needs to be fluid to help in the moment.


Twitter: @patrice108 


Panel: The DPM Career Path

1:30 PM, Monday, October 21

Join a subset of our Digital PM Summit speakers as we talk about the possible career paths for DPMs. We'll talk about the panelists’ own career progressions, what motivated them to go in the direction they chose (if they chose it!) and where they want to go (or not go) next.

We’ll also explore everything around your career path: education and training, job titles and descriptions, characteristics of great DPMs and the many possible paths you might take. Moderated by PM Patrice Embry, you'll leave with insights from real world pros, which you can use to help choose your own path.

Optional Q&A Session: Freelance DPM

12:30 PM, Tuesday, October 22

Join Patrice Embry and Lynn Winter for lunch, as they delve into the world of freelance PMs. Find out what it takes to go freelance, listen to some war stories, and ask your own questions in this optional Q&A session over lunch. You can expect to walk away with a better sense of what freelance life is all about, and a full belly.

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