Joe Crespo


Over the past two decades, Joe has worked on every aspect of website design and development. An experienced developer, project manager, strong communicator and Agile enthusiast, Joe is a technician and facilitator with an eye for great user experience.

Since coming to Aten, Joe has leveraged his technical background to help form strategic partnerships with Aten clients. Joe regularly shares his expertise at technical conferences and events, including the 2018 Stanford DrupalCamp, where he was a keynote speaker.


Twitter: @jscrespo 


Lost in Translation: The Handoff from Sales to the Project Team

1:30 PM, Tuesday, October 22

Maybe you’re a project manager who has had new projects cross your desk with unrealistic timelines, poorly documented assumptions and unvetted budgets. Or maybe you’re in business development and you’ve seen projects careen off scope and run into timeline / budget issues soon after the project team takes them on. Or perhaps you’re a strategist, designer or developer who’s tired of suffering late nights and lost weekends at the hands of a poor sales process.

It doesn’t have to be this way! In this session, Joe Crespo, Aten’s Director of Accounts, and Sally Shaughnessy, Aten’s Director of Project Management, will share their practices for ensuring smooth transitions from sales to the project team.

This session will cover:

  • Setting expectations in sales and keeping them top-of-mind after kickoff

  • The things that every project team MUST know before kickoff

  • How to collaborate with the project team in the sales process

  • The documentation Aten uses to transition an engagement from sales to the project team

  • Company culture and practices that ensure smooth transitions

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