Erika Stanley


Erika Stanley has worked in marketing and advertising for more than a decade, both in-house and at agencies, spanning industries from professional sports to home-building. She’s managed projects, budgets and comprehensive digital marketing strategies for Women’s Running Magazine, the Outback Bowl and Transamerica, as well as an array of smaller businesses with more specific needs and smaller budgets. As an Account and Project manager at Big Sea, Erika facilitates the relationship between the client and the team, while shepherding projects from onboarding to launch and beyond.

Even though she’s spent most of her life in Florida, Erika is a Georgia-girl at heart—she likes her tea sweet, her grits cheesy and she’ll address a group as “y’all.” As a runner and triathlete, she applies her competitive and committed spirit to everything she does (just don’t challenge her to a game of Risk).




The Cheese is Always Moving: Lessons in Change from an Agile Master

3:45 PM, Tuesday, October 22

What happens when one of the creators of the Agile Manifesto approaches your agency for a website redesign? You jump at the opportunity (of course)…and then you question every process you've ever used.

Are we really agile? How will our methods hold up under the magnifying glass of THE king of agile, Dr. Alistair Cockburn?

What our team learned completely changed the way we manage digital projects. Whether you're an agency or an in-house DPM, the lessons we learned from managing the Heart of Agile website project will turn your normal process on its head.

In this session we’ll explore:

  • How to manage the initial freak-out when someone moves your cheese (take a deep breath and lean into the change)

  • Simple changes you can make to move closer to the heart of agile (it’s more than a process to help refine your process)

  • Hands-on methods you can start tomorrow to help you and your team become more adaptable and efficient (don’t be afraid to rock the boat)

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