Christine Holcombe


After teaching high school English with Teach For America, Christine Holcombe became a client-facing UX researcher at a growing Austin company. She inevitably transitioned into the role of project manager and has spent the past 10 years in digital marketing and design operations.

She currently blends her passion for education and project management as Producer on the Human Centered Design Education Team at USAA. Christine co-founded Austin’s Kickass PM meetup in 2013 after attending the inaugural DPM Summit in Philly. She has a newfound passion for ultracycling, but she still finds time to play lead tambourine in the Holcombe Family Band.


Twitter: @holcombe5000


Driving Consensus: Using Design Thinking to Solve Your Largest PM Problems

1:30 PM, Tuesday, October 22

This design thinking workshop is framed uniquely for project managers to provide guidance on how to approach issues relating to lack of project strategy, prioritization and alignment. Using a sample case study, this interactive session will enable participants to better identify user needs, gain alignment with teams and stakeholders and prioritize ideas.

By the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate design thinking principles and understand the value of creative problem-solving

  • Implement a new set of tactical problem-solving methods to take back to their teams

  • Identify key points in a project when it makes sense to inject design thinking into the team’s work

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