Anita Sagar


Anita Sagar is an agile consultant at Enterprise Knowledge, LLC, a consulting firm focused on leveraging agile practices for delivering knowledge and information solutions.

As a certified Scrum Master and Agile coach, she works with both government and commercial organizations to help increase their agility through collaboration and coaching. Skilled in risk management, data analysis and assessment and strategic planning, she is known for leading the successful change in underperforming projects, building credibility with project stakeholders and bridging the gap between business and technology.  

A former teacher, she enjoys working at the intersection of agile and education and growing teams to deliver strategic business solutions.


Twitter: @oopsie_desi


Choosing the Best Project Management Approach for Your Team: The Cynefin Framework  

1:30 PM, Tuesday, October 22

“We are going agile!” This seems to be a statement often used in an effort to streamline existing business practices in favor of more efficient and customer-focused processes. However, before we make a paradigm shift in our day-to-day business activities, it is important to recognize the context in which we currently situate ourselves, and make the right decisions based on that context.

Dave Snowden’s Cynefin Framework helps us visualize and understand that not all situations and/or challenges are created equal. Using this framework can help us make sense of the context we are in so that we can not only make better decisions, but also avoid the problems that arise when our preferred management style causes us to make mistakes.

In this session, you’ll:

  • Gain an understanding of how the appropriate application of a specific agile methodology in relation to project context will increase business efficiency and productivity

  • Learn how to choose more appropriate tools to set project direction

  • Learn how to use the framework to coach teams on increasing business agility

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