Design Leadership Speaker Sessions

Ready to make a bigger impact and grow as a design leader? Go inside the world’s best design teams and discover best practices and strategies to help you achieve both personal and professional goals.

Alastair Simpson: Real Talk About Design Leadership

What is it really like to be a design leader? Get the real talk.

Dr. Sherry Walling: The Secret Weapon You Can't Afford to Waste

Gain ideas and strategies to help you keep your creative edge, professional cool and personal sanity.

Stephen Gates: The Crazy Ones: How to Make Design Core to Every Business

Go inside the world’s best creative teams to explore challenges, insights and solutions.

Mariah Hay: First Do No Harm: Ethics in Digital Product Design

Learn how to use human-centered design to drive ethical decision making—and three things to get your team started.

Brandy Porter: Containing the Chaos: Helping Teams Through Rapid Change with Transparency, Context & Creativity

Explore ways to build transparency and strong relationships, and find peace in chaos.

Boyuan Gao & Jahan Mantin: Design for Diversity™: Diversity as a Design Process

Leverage a powerful framework to illuminate blind spots and achieve a greater business and social impact.

Richard Banfield: Organization Underpants

Sneak a peek at the dirty laundry and best practices of the world’s top design leaders.

Andrew La Monica: Influence & Persuasion for Design Leadership

Gain confidence in your persuasive abilities and a toolkit to positively influence in all directions.

Robert Sfeir: Delivery at Scale

Evaluate how you currently deliver, while recognizing where you can quickly improve to increase your chances of success.

Growth: The Bull in the China Shop with Lynsey Thornton

Just like that, growth comes along and breaks your team, culture and process. Now what?

Vivian Sarratt: Better Together: How Cross-Functional Collaboration Creates Better Products

Find out how to make intricate relationships work for you rather than against you.


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