Aarron Walter


As the VP of Design Education at InVision, Aarron Walter draws upon 15 years of experience running product teams and teaching design to help companies enact design best practices.

Aarron founded the UX practice at Mailchimp and helped grow the product from a few thousand users to more than 10 million. His design guidance has helped the White House, the U.S. Department of State and dozens of major corporations, startups and venture capitalist firms. He is the author of the best selling book Designing for Emotion from A Book Apart.


Get Off Your Island: Why Partnership Building Is the Most Important Design Skill

Friday, September 20
3:00–3:45 PM

The team at InVision has a unique perspective—they work with design teams across industries and see where teams stumble and what leads to success. Recently, InVision conducted a broad study of design maturity with more than 2,200 companies and saw crisp patterns emerge.

Sure, high-functioning design teams have their practice and process dialed in, but that’s not what really sets them apart. The most mature design teams—the ones that create lots of business value and have great influence in their companies—are in the habit of building partnerships.

In this talk, Aarron will share some of the findings from InVision’s design maturity study and show you how partnerships will get you off the design island that’s been holding you back. 


Website: aarronwalter.com
LinkedIn: linkedin.com/in/aarron
Twitter: @aarron

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