Design Leadership Camp Palm Springs, January 19–22, 2020

Escape to a Desert Hideaway to Tackle Tough Challenges

Ace Hotel & Swim Club, Palm Springs

Eager to hone your leadership skills, while immersed in rugged beauty and taking some time for yourself? Join us at Design Leadership Camp Palm Springs. This January, we’re headed to the Ace Hotel & Swim Club, a 1960s-era hotel turned into a bohemian resort.

Wake up each morning to beautiful views, wander over to breakfast and spend the day talking shop with people who understand your same challenges. Get the answers you need during moderated discussions, unscripted conversations and impromptu moments engaged in fun activities.


“As we grow into our roles managing and leading people, projects and programs, we find ourselves giving a lot of feedback to our teams, but not getting much insight into how we might improve our own performance. Design Leadership Camp is a rare opportunity to gain insights from like-minded leaders. Despite the different industries and range of experience, we shared a remarkably similar set of challenges. Stepping away from my day-to-day and getting this chance to interact with other design leaders was inspiring.”

— Margaret Lee, Director, UX Community & Culture, Google

Why You Need to Be There 


meaningful CONNECTIONS

Design Leadership Camp is the opportunity to spend quality time with fellow design leaders. It's a safe space for honest conversations about your role, team and shared struggles. Dig into challenges while lounging by the pool, relaxing by the fire or listening to some old vinyl records. Make connections that last long after camp ends, and continue conversations into the future.


An ultra-inspiring environment

Great ideas don’t happen when you’re stuck at your desk or bogged down with meetings. They show up when you’re wandering a desert trail, gazing at stars or laughing with friends. If you’re craving inspiration and a change of scenery, it’s time to join us at Design Leadership Camp.


time to renew & Refocus

Live music, a Feel Good Spa, karaoke, mountain views, refined diner fare…it’s all part of a hard day’s work at Design Leadership Camp. If you like to play a bit while stretching your brain and digging into tough challenges, this is the place to be. Not only will you come back to work with a whole set of new ideas and strategies, you’ll come back reenergized and renewed.


Connect with the industry’s best

At Design Leadership Camp, you don’t have to pretend you have all the answers. It’s about coming together in a protected environment, to openly share what you’re up against and trade notes with peers. Hear how others have tackled the same things you're going through now, and discuss lessons learned to uncover new paths forward.


“Design Leadership Camp included some of the most important, relevant and impactful conversations I have had in the last 10 years. It is uniquely positioned and tailored for focused conversations with other Industry design leaders to drive change and evolve as business leaders. The small-group format and environment allows deep conversations and personal bonds with other industry leaders that will last a lifetime.”

– Shawn Johnson, Group Vice President of Product & Design, Discovery Inc.


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Location images via Ace Hotel & Swim Club