Darren Petersen

Darren was a saxophonist without a gig. Poor Darren. Luckily, he learned about web development and became a functioning member of society. Over time he found himself leading teams of developers, and eventually Darren fell into project management. 

Like many of us in the digital project management world, he's an accidental project manager. Without a lot of training to be had, it's pretty normal to fall in holes and learn by making mistakes. That's definitely been Darren's path. As a former developer, he retains his nerdy bent for business analysis, process improvement, and practical, meaningful metrics on digital projects.

Over the last several years, Darren's been managing projects for Lullabot, an entirely distributed digital agency focused on implementing large Drupal sites. In that capacity, he's had the chance to help produce websites for people your mom has heard of in a variety of industries, including Qualcomm, GE, the SyFy channel, msnbc.com, Angie's List, and many others. 

When Darren isn't managing projects, he spends time with his wife and kids, and still plays a mean saxophone.


Getting it Done: Scope Control, Client Management, and Successful Delivery

October 13th | 3:00 PM

You just got handed a project. Everyone is ready to go, and people are shaking hands, clapping each other on the back, and saying how great this is going to work out. 

Nah. You know better than that. This is where reality starts to set in. Here come the hidden requirements, missing stakeholders and unexpected developments. You're going to have to walk the knife's edge to make sure it comes out all right. Good luck...

As a web developer and project manager, Darren Petersen has blown budgets and timelines, communicated badly, over-promised and under-delivered with the best of them. The good news is that Darren survived, and even learned how to succeed. You will too.

In this session, you will:

  • Take part in a discussion about what actually gets a project done
  • Learn about the practical principles that help guide projects to success
  • Discuss tips, tools and tactics that can make the difference between "ouch" and "awesome"

Bring your questions and your war stories, and let's compare notes!