Cynthia Schmitt

Cynthia is the kind of person who loves making order out of chaos. In her role as Director of Program Delivery at Intuitive Company. She helps motivate multi-disciplinary project teams and remove blockers from their paths in order to create enjoyable, usable, and beautiful digital experiences. 

She’s worked with every kind of client from non-profits and start-up ventures to fortune 500 retail, finance, and pharmaceutical companies. She's managed diverse projects ranging from user research engagements to implementing marketing databases. She's worked with clients like L'Oreal, Jones Apparel, Nasty Gal, Wawa, United Airlines, Bristol Myers-Squibb and Synchrony Financial.

She’s an active participant in Philly’s local digital project management scene and also maintains industry certifications as a PMP (Project Management Professional) and a PMI-ACP (Agile Certified Practitioner).







Certs: Don’t Hurt?

October 12th | 1:15 PM

Project Management Certifications in the digital sphere. Are they necessary? How are they viewed?
PMP, CSM, PMI-ACP—The digital world has a love-hate relationship with the alphabet soup that is project management certifications. Larger companies often require formal training while smaller agencies may not even look at a resume of a certified individual. To survive in the digital world you have to serve a lot of masters and keep your resume fresh and flexible. How do you know if certification is something you should pursue? What other options are there for individuals looking to receive training in an atmosphere that is constantly evolving? Is any of this actually applicable in the real world? Cynthia has worked in both the large company and small agency setting navigating these murky waters.