Crystal Richards


Crystal is the Principal and Owner of Mosaic Resource Group, a talent development consulting firm dedicated to helping project management professionals better themselves in all things project management, communications, and leadership. She has over 15 years of experience in healthcare management and project management working with private- and public-sector clients. A graduate of Georgetown University and The University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill, Crystal is a dynamic trainer, results-oriented facilitator, and versatile project manager. Crystal is a certified project management professional, a Fellow of the Healthcare Financial Management Association, and serves as a mentor to her alumni, Georgetown University.




Survivor: How To Deal With Social Politics in Your Organization

1:30 pm, Wednesday, SEPTEMBER 5
Ballroom D

Like the show Survivor, players have to adapt to the game of social politics to make alliances and meet their goal of success. Social politics is just as prevalent in our working lives. People are the crux of projects and overall business operations.  In a perfect world, everyone in the workplace is open and transparent, they have no hidden agendas, and they are open to working collaboratively. But we know that’s not how the real world works. To truly be successful in our jobs, we need to know how to effectively deal with office politics, have a strong sense of self, and develop good negotiation skills in order to forge effective working relationships with our peers and our teams.


  • Explore the three components of social politics

  • Discuss ways to implement suggested strategies in dealing with social politics

  • Establish an action plan to implement success strategies