No skill will net us more positive results than effective communication. The problem is that as a project manager, you are often attempting to communicate within chaos. You are in charge of the completion of that project, but it feels as if you have very little control over the process from start to finish. As a result, your role can sometimes feel like that of a cat herder: all parties involved are engaged yet unpredictable.

 So what do you do here? And how do you create certainty when you’re surrounded by confusion? Patience and creativity are important factors, but most of all you need to communicate with empathy. Why? Because empathetic communication nets project managers two huge wins: transparency and influence.

In this powerful and memorable talk, corporate empathy and communications consultant Sharon Steed elevates empathy from a buzzword to a verb. She breaks down the chaos of everyday communication and discusses how communicating with empathy fosters environments ripe for collaboration.


 Project management can be a lonely gig. But it doesn’t have to be. Join fellow DPMs at the 2019 Digital PM Summit.