Betty Chan

Betty’s nomadic background of visual design and front-end development has guided her to Barrel’s doorstep the last five years. A proud mama of her digital team, Betty is extremely drawn to finding new ways to make everyone’s life easier, which is often done through empathy and spotting patterns with pain points.

Despite how cuddly this sounds, Betty is frequently found hitting a boxing bag after work (no team members were harmed in the process). She is also a fried chicken enthusiast, a fan of #theslowlife, and is the best hugger you’ve ever met.

Follow her adventures at @boxboxbetty on Instagram and Twitter.


Living with Imperfection

October 13th | 1:30 PM

There is a belief that great project managers should have contingency plans for every single potential risk. But let’s get real – if there’s ever an iron-clad guarantee on every project, it’s that something will go awry.

So stop trying to run your projects like clockwork. Stay flexible by embracing the scope creep and redefine your understanding of “the sign-off”. Learn what the real-life-approved options are, and that the critical steps to a successful project are smaller than you think.

Join us as Betty discusses a handful of real-life hiccups, the approaches that actually saved her behind, and a few tell-tale signs to spot the chaos before it hits your project.


  • Why sign-offs don’t always work
  • Why you need a north star for your project
  • How to herd and organize new requests
  • How to talk to clients about unforeseen changes
  • Why documentation will save your life
  • Why you can’t forget to forgive