Owner Camp

What Our Attendees Have to Say

You don't have to take our word for it. We created Owner Camp because we've always wanted to attend something like Owner Camp.

Turns out, we weren't alone.

Never have I been in a room with so many industry thought leaders from businesses identical to ours, pouring out more relevant knowledge than could fit into the fattest How to build a great digital services company book. It's incredible valuable, actionable, and inspiring to not only listen, but be able to interact with all of the participants.

Aurimas Adomavicius | DevBridge Group

I got to sit in a room with some of the most prominent and successful people in our industry, listening as they poured their hearts out about the business struggles they faced. I watched those who'd been in similar situations offer real-world advice, tempered by experience. I count this as one of the best events I've ever attended.

James Archer | Forty

Attending Owner Camp will stand out as one of the highlights of my career as an entrepreneur. It's like getting an MBA in three days and a fraction of the cost. Sign me up again!


I've never been to a comparable gathering where I'm surrounded by nothing but my peers, talking candidly, collaboratively, and smartly about the issues we all face as small creative shop owners. I returned home with new friends and dozens of new ideas. It was a weekend-long shot in the arm

Bill Barbot | Threespot

“Owner Camp isn’t a conference so much as an intimate forum for talking frankly with peers about what our companies do and why we do it. The experience was one part inspiration for new ideas and one part affirmation that owners are there to support each other and build community.”

NICK BURKA | Silverorange

Owner Camp was an amazing opportunity to get some perspective on both the personal and professional challenges of running an agency. The instant network of peers continues to be a fantastic resource. I have never run in to an event where every single attendee has the opportunity to be both the expert and the novice multiple times a day. I can't wait to go back.

Kimberly Clark | Via Studio

Owner Camp is TOTAL ROCKET FUEL for my business! Innovative people, bursting with inspiration & willing to share it! The people at Owner Camp made me fall in love with our industry all over again. Being surrounded by peers, immersed in discussions about what matters to us, was like finding a lifeline I didn't know I even needed.

Kristin Ellington | (Formerly) Funny Garbage

“I have the good fortune to attend many amazing conferences, but no conference comes anywhere close to having as much impact on our business and what we do as Owner Camp has. My only regret is that I didn't attend sooner.


“It was a phenomenal experience getting together with true peers to share the mundane pains and lessons learned, as well as the real excitement and joy of running a creative business. I now appreciate how many different approaches can succeed. And I feel like we have started a conversation that will continue long after the event.”

Erika Hall | Mule DesigN STUDIO

“Owner Camp provided us with a rare and valuable opportunity to talk about real world problems and gain insight and advice from industry peers. A spirit of collaboration, encouragement and sharing created an environment where everyone felt comfortable and sincere.


“Owner Camp is an amazing event filled with smart people with one common denominator — we're all trying to run our businesses the best way possible. The opportunity to mix with others who have different approaches is invaluable.

Stefan Hartwig | Electric Pulp

“We had no roadmap going into building or running the shop. Just a set of values and desires. Owner Camp validated much of what we were thinking and doing. Seeing the challenges others were having and sharing our own shared challenges was rewarding and helpful. It was also inspiring to hear about some methods for different parts of running a creative business from different types of shops.

Vince LaVecchia | Instrument

“As a business owner we spend most of our days questioning and second guessing the decisions we make. We are often doing things for the first time and there isn't a lot of precedent for what we do. It is easy to feel alone. Owner Camp lets entrepreneurs come together and speak honestly about what's going on in our industry and our businesses. It is an unique and valuable experience.

Jon Lax | (Formerly) Teehan + Lax

“As a small business owner, Owner Camp was the most helpful gathering I've ever been a part of. The frank open discussion and trust between all the participants was incredibly insightful. I came away not just inspired, but with solid new ideas I could immediately put to use.

Mike Monteiro | Mule Design Studio

As a business owner, you often feel like the only person in the world trying to solve the puzzles in front of you. At Owner Camp, I met dozens people working on my  puzzles, ready to share answers to the ones they've cracked, and work together to solve the ones they haven't. After three days, I felt more energized, supported, and ready to start making my business stronger.

Chris Palmieri | AQ

“Owner Camp is like a family reunion with the kind of family you want to be with. We trade stories, share practices, expose issues, and solve the worlds problems together. At least our world's problems. It takes a lot for me to spend close to a week with someone. But at owner camp, folks feel like family. The good kind.

Greg Rittler | Blue Ocean Ideas

“Owner Camp was an unbelievable experience. Having the insights of thirty peers who've dealt with the same challenges and successes of running a small digital business was hugely valuable. I walked away inspired and armed with the knowledge that I needed to lead my own company in the right direction. Plus I made a bunch of really cool friends!

John Rothenberg | Sosolimited

“Owner Camp was by far the most rewarding and enriching experience in my professional life. I not only learned a great deal about our running my business, but I built a bond with several brilliant, inspiring people.”

Keith Scandone | O3 World

“Owner Camp is hands down, the most important event I have ever attended to help improve myself and my company. Getting the chance to talk off the record, to a series of peers who are leaders in our industry is an unparalleled experience.”


“If you run an agency and get invited to Owner Camp, you'd be crazy not to attend. It's some of the most intense, focused, insightful knowledge sharing you'll ever come across. As agency owners we rarely get a chance to share and learn from each other, especially in a group—Owner Camp is that chance.

Brian Williams | Viget

“I have been to two Owner Camps now. Attending Owner Camp has been a transformational experience for me. Being able to participate in a roundtable-style discussion with other digital agency owners and discuss issues we face is incredibly helpful. Each time I leave Owner Camp I return to UNION with new ideas, excitement and inspiration.

Banks Wilson | Union