Owner Camp from the Bureau of Digital

Get an Instant Network of Peers and Leave Wanting to Conquer the World. That's Owner Camp.


Owner Camp

A transformational retreat for digital studio owners

Running a digital agency is tough. Like many of us, you probably didn’t study business management in school, and you sure as hell don’t have an MBA. Truth be told, you probably consider yourself a designer, developer, or strategist who is now inexplicably running a business.

How did that happen?

Now, you spend your time in the jungle (often without a machete) closing deals and managing payroll and cash flow, all the while searching for the magic bullet that’ll let you focus on the things that really matter. You know, things like keeping your people happy and honing your business strategy. It’s a lot to focus on.

Until a couple of years ago, the only opportunity you had to commiserate about the dirty details of running your shop was yelling in someone's ear over the deafening din of a conference happy hour.
Wouldn't it be nice just to get the eff away for a few days to recharge your batteries and talk to your peers? Your real peers?

You're not alone. That's why we created Owner Camp.

We Shoot All The Elephants

Discussions are open, honest, and frank, and everyone participates. Everyone! Owner Camp is not about a single person standing in the front of a room, presenting while you scribble notes. Owner Camp is a series of moderated, candid conversations. There are no elephants in the room, because we shoot them dead, together.

One of the things you'll quickly discover at Owner Camp is that no matter how unique you think your experiences are, there are several people who have gone through the exact same situations. Comparing notes about how each of you dealt with these situations is truly eye opening.

No one at Owner Camp is there to tell you what to do or how to do it, but we guarantee you'll walk away with perspectives that will allow you to make more informed decisions.

The Topics That You're Interested In The Most

Our attendees determine the discussion topics at each Owner Camp. We start with a wide range of ideas and whittle them down to the most popular. Discussion topics from previous Owner Camp events include:

  • Managing Growth — Do you have a short/long term plan?
  • Time Tracking  — Which side of the fence are you on?
  • Additional Revenue Streams — Keeping cash coming in
  • Time Management — What's the best use of an owner's time?
  • Grooming Your Client List — How do you find the right mix?
  • Hiring & Retaining Good People — How do you find & keep them?
  • The Law — Contracts, IP issues, leases, etc.
  • Sales Cycles — How do you manage sales cycles and cashflow?
  • Communication — It can be the source of all of your problems
  • Company culture — Can you shape one, or does it happen?

Where Strangers Become Buddies

Perhaps the best thing about Owner Camp is that our attendees are from diverse backgrounds and industry niches, offering perspectives well outside of your immediate circle of influence.

During the event, we’ll begin to forge lasting relationships that eventually serve as an ongoing support system. You'll retain access to this dialog long after the event. Owner Camp offers an ongoing forum where you can regular maintain contact and provide advice, trade stories, and share successes well after you part ways.

Each Owner Camp class will be augmented with subject matter experts and consultants who provide business advice you can immediately act upon.

As if that wasn't enough, we’ll truly have a great time together. Laughter is the best medicine, and we’ll all be buzzing from the dose Owner Camp dishes out.

Your Hosts

Carl and Greg. At your service.

Carl and Greg. At your service.

Owner Camp is brought to you by Bureau of Digital partners Greg Hoy and Carl Smith. Greg and Carl moderate the sessions, curate the itinerary, and bring the funnery.



May 13-15, 2015
Public Hotel Chicago


September 16-19, 2015
Alumni Only with Spouses & Significant Others
Details Coming Soon

San Francisco

November 4-7, 2015
Details Coming Soon


"Attending Owner Camp will stand out as one of the highlights of my career as an entrepreneur. It's like getting an MBA in three days and a fraction of the cost. Sign me up again!"

Richard Banfield
Fresh Tilled Soil

"Owner Camp provided us with a rare and valuable opportunity to talk about real world problems and gain insight and advice from industry peers. A spirit of collaboration, encouragement and sharing created an environment where everyone felt comfortable and sincere."

Tracey Halvorsen

"I have the good fortune to attend many amazing conferences, but no conference comes anywhere close to having as much impact on our business and what we do as Owner Camp has. My only regret is that I didn't attend sooner."

Jason Grigsby
Cloud Four

"Owner Camp is hands down, the most important event I have ever attended to help improve myself and my company. Getting the chance to talk off the record, to a series of peers who are leaders in our industry is an unparalleled experience."

Warren Wilansky