Creative Director Camp 002

Photo by Jonathan Miske on Flickr

June 8-11
W Atlanta Midtown



What Is CrEative Director Camp?

A Creative Director wears many hats, including designer, visionary, mentor, mediator, and salesperson. Some of these roles might come second nature to you. Some you may view as necessary evils. And some just drain the lifeblood out of you. After all, you're a designer, and you know at the bottom of it all, shaping design is something you were always meant to do. So where did all of this other stuff come from?

Over two focused days, we'll spend time understanding the challenges and rewards of being the person responsible for the overall execution of great design—whether that's as a Creative Director, a UX boss, or a senior level designer managing others. We'll identify how you can get out of your own way and get the most out of the talented people you work with every day. We'll also discuss some fundamental changes we're seeing in our industry, and how to stay inspired and frosty amongst it all.