Betty Chan

Dave Prior

Betty is a Senior Project Manager at Purpose with a strong focus on process development. As a steady force on projects, she is the go-to person for making sure project goals are clear, promises are kept, and that step by step everyone makes it happily to the finish line. 

Prior to joining Purpose, Betty journeyed her way through focus groups, design, development, and ultimately, project management. She brings over five years of experience, leading projects that range from branding and print to digital.

After 6pm, you’ll often find Betty surrounded by boxing bags working on her slip-hook. However, her credibility as a fitness nut is often questioned due to her frequent consumption of fried chicken.  

Betty graduated from Babson College with a B.S. in Business Management and Marketing. Her entrepreneurial spirit thrives within her acrylic paintings and metal work. 



Nice PMs Finish First: How Kindness Pays Off

To keep a project on track, most PMs have a stockpile of tools to help: timelines, budget sheets, tasks lists, and more. But when our team is dealing with stressful clients and deadlines, we don’t often look to kindness to solve the problem. Yet, kindness–to your peers and to yourself–built up steadily over time can be the best protection when the going gets really tough. 

In this session, Betty will talk about the importance of fostering an environment of trust and care. Look forward to an interactive session with brainstorms and breakout conversations on how we can all cultivate kindness (and make more money while we’re at it). 

In this session, you will learn:

  • About the cost of kindness
  • Where kindness tends to leak on projects
  • How to express kindness to your team in a way that fits your personality and budget
  • How to put yourself first without appearing selfish